My Lazy Makeup Removal Routine

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I'm the laziest person when comes to removing my makeup at night. I love putting on makeup in the morning, but I just hate to remove it at night cause for me that is just too much work to do after a long day . Sometimes I just feel so lazy to remove it at night , so i choose to not putting any makeup in the morning . But recently i'ved develop a routine to ease the job. I'ved found the Biore makeup removering line are designed for people like me. I'ved been using their cleansing oil for a while now, but recently they have come out the makeup removing facial foam and i just love it .
I don't use the facial foam every night, I just used it when I feel really really tired .To make sure that I really get all my makeup off my face , I used a pore brush . My pore brush looks a bit greenish in the picture is because I accidentally stained it with my seaweed mud masks.
I'm not a person who likes to remove makeup by using cotton pad or wipes, that is because using cotton wipes is just too troublesome and using wipes are just too costly . Thus, using cleansing oil is a faster and much pocket friendly solution for me .

If you have no idea how to use cleansing oil, just have a look at the steps below =)
cleansing oil , how to use cleansing oil
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What your makeup removal routine??



  1. I love finding a good face wash. I've never used a pore brush, but I like the looks of it to really get your face cleansed. :] // ☼

  2. great post!

  3. thanx for sharing,

  4. Removing make up is super annoying but it must be done!


  5. Pfff... removing make-up is always so annoying.
    x Tamara


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