godus hacks

I know that this is definitely off-genre, but, I'ved been playing this game 24/7 for the past few days and I'ved discovered some really useful tricks so I thought that I could share it with you guys just in case you guys play this game too . Just to give you guys a rough idea on what this game is about , for me this game is like a merge between The Sims and Hay Day . You get to play god role in this game by sculpting a beautiful world for your followers . 

Below are some few tips that i would like to share 

  •  Build as much Abodes as you can at first, then upgrade to settlement to gain more followers to help you to complete the mission to get more cards.
  • Sculpt the land wisely with belief . *To saves space, sculpt a big part of land first before you start to build abodes . 
  • In order to have mining areas and farms , you first need to build the Farming / Mining settlement first . Then leave the area around the settlement to be empty to build the mining / farming area by double clicking the settlement or you can just draw leash to lead your farmers / miners to build at those empty areas . *Do not click on your builder, after you have built the settlement if you do no wish to build abodes on the empty areas . 
  • Build at least two farming area , to unlock the emptied farming area nearby . 
  • Log in and log out of the game to refresh / unlock more chest  location .
  • If your follower is lost, click and hold on the follower and redraw the leash to guide them to the destination . 
  • To gain more happiness & belief  , build trees with god power nearby the abodes & settlements . 
  • Use the purity rain to reduce the time to complete the harvest or mining  . 
  • Beautify the city , to boost up the happiness . 
  • To scare away the Astarian without using belief , you can click on the land nearby them . 
  • Avoid losing follower by making sure your followers are happy . *Just make sure that your follower bar stats are higher than the Astarians

 you can understand more about the games feature at GodusWiki 

If these tricks work for you, leave me a comment down below =) 

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