f cup cookie review , f cup cookie
f cup cookie review , f cup cookie

f cup cookie review , f cup cookie
f cup cookie review , f cup cookie
Girls, you know what? This is a magic cookie that will help us to increase our bust size. 
Seriously, I'm not even joking, I'ved tried it myself and it worked so today I'll be sharing my review with you guys . 
Im not sure about you guys , but this F cup cookie was pretty famous few years ago when it first introduces from japan . What so special about this cookie and how it works is that one cookie bar itself actually contains all the breast-enhancement ingredient. One cookie bar is only equal to 94 kcal which definitely still helps you to remain your jeans size while trying to increase your bust size . 

For people who have consume or know f cup cookie before this definitely have realise that the packaging of this is actually different compare to this . 
f cup cookie review , f cup cookie
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This is because this is a upgrade / improved version of the previous one . Now this rich f cup cookie actually have double the portion of Puereria Mirifica compared to the ordinary F Cup cookie . As you can the from the picture above the individual packing of the cookie has also changed to a simple normal packaging . Now it would be so awkward for us girls to carry it around in our purse and have it anytime we want it. When people asked about it , you can always say that it is just another energy bar *shhhh . 

For the past two weeks, I'ved been consuming this one cookie a day to trying to achieve that f cup bust size . I'ved definitely see the improvement after a week of consuming it, but of course I didn't achieve that f cup bust size , but my bust size definitely went up a bit. I know now you guys definitely been wondering about how this cookie taste like right ? 

This cookie is definitely not dense , it have a mild strawberry taste to it but I definitely wouldn't say this cookie taste good or bad cause it just tasted like a ordinary non dense cookie . This cooking is definitely not tummy filling enough and this cookie is pretty heatty so make sure you'll drink tons tons of water after eating this . 

I would definitely recommend girls that would like to enhance their bust size to try this out, cause this works for me and some other peoples too *ireadonline .

. .You guys can definitely check out the nearest SASA store to check this RICH F CUP COOKIE out.


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Disclaimer : this product to me for reviewing purpose . But this does not affect my real thoughts and opinions on this product . 



  1. Oh wow, didn't even think such a thing was possible or even existed x

  2. Lmao this souns pretty crazy. I honestly would advise you not to eat these. Looking at the ingredient list it's pretty obvious why your boobs grow bigger from these. It contains a lot of kcal and fat. Boobs are made of fat so gaining weight will naturally apply to the boobs too. That's also why oyur boobs gets smaller when you work out and lose weight. Eating these mgiht gain you a cup size or two but they will deffinetly also gain you a belly. For me when I want a bit extra for my boobs I just wear a push up. They really work wonders without damaging your health.
    Anyway I sound really negative, I just thoguht I'd advise you against them. The post is really well written and I love how you psot really great and usefull pics in your review!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog sareena
    I'm following you back
    Stay in touch 😀

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  4. Hi. How much did u buy per box?
    After the whole box, how do u feel?


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