Fairy Beauty Life Food

 I'ved been trying to lose some weight myself and I'ved been taking some meal replacement food like this Life Food to substitute the normal food that I eat. It has 16 different types of vitamins & minerals, contains Chia seeds, omega 3&6, fiber and also pre-biotics in it . This also helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in our body. This promise to give a sustainable weight loss, I don't feel that it gives much effect to me yet , so we just shall see the result in a long run. This in my opinion can definitely substitute oats , cause this is faster to prepare in the morning and it have more health benefits compared to oats . 

This tastes similarly like soy milk, which I don't really favor the taste myself, but sometimes we just have to ignore the taste and consume the health food that is good for our health right ? 

Disclaimer :  send this product to me for reviewing purpose . But this does not affect my real thoughts and opinions on this product . 

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