Scar Removal & Lightening Skin Routine

Seriously , I can't never stop pinching the pimples on my face . It's an addiction and also a very very bad habit , I know. Just because of this very bad habit of mine, I'm always looking for products to remove the scars on my face . Today I thought of sharing with all of  you about scar lightening skin routine . 

Other than washing face day and night, applying toner and moisturizer, I slip in these few products in it . I apply the vitamin C serum after washing my face and after toner . After that , I apply the red spot cream on top of the scars . Then I finish off my skin routine by mixing some of Egyptian magic cream and some water based moisturizer . I continue this skin routine of mine for a few months and my skin condition gets a lot better . The pigments of the scars have visibly reduced and I have less pimples popping out .
To speed up the process of scar lightening , I also consumed some beauty drinks that helps for example like Fairy Whitez and Ruby Aura .

PS: I only do this once a day , either in the morning or night . 

Do you also have a scar lightening skin routine like me? 



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