review // Cellnique B.Liv Off With Those Heads

*b.liv off with those heads*

Believe me or not, but this is like one of the products that I've been dying to try like forever !  I always see this product at Sasa and I always wanted to try it out . This product is perfect for people who have serious shitty black-heads problem . I know how hard it is to remove those thousand years black heads you have on your nose . Before this I'ved been always using the daiso charcoal mask to remove those black heads but that kind of peel off charcoal mask only works on the new black heads and small white heads . For big and mature black heads , normally you need to squeeze it out using a black head remover tool and that often causes leave visible hole scars on your face . So in this kind of situation , this thing really comes very handy . 

After using this consecutively for few nights , I can see that they are lesser white heads on my nose and it also helps to shrink my black heads becoming smaller . Please note that , when you applied this you will tends to feel a slightly warm feeling on the part that you just apply . I believe that, that is the feeling of my black heads and white heads are MELTING ! 
I will also be doing a review on this absolute matte mask  on the next post ! 

Bonus : if you have no idea whats the difference and how black heads and white heads formed , you can watched the video down below . It explains everything :3

Disclaimer :  send this product to me for reviewing purpose . But this does not affect my real thoughts and opinions on this product . 



  1. Great review I never heard of this product until now, Keep in touch doll.

  2. Interesting... I don't have a huge problem with blackheads, but my little brother does. Maybe this would be helpful for him. :))

    -Cindy from OhCindyrella

  3. Interesting! Schould have heard of that product back when I was 14! ;)
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  4. I must try this! I need a good fix for those pesky zits that pop up that time of month! Thanks for the review :)

  5. Wonderful review...I like your blog.^^
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  9. Hmmm don't think I've heard about this before, but glad to read an honest review! I always tend to squeeze out the white/blackheads on my nose (terrible i know) …. I can't wait for the mattifier review since i am oily as a disco ball!!!

    xoxo, Mango
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  11. I will most definitely be looking into this because I have struggled with occasinal breakouts for so long now! thanks! and thanks for following me on Bloglovin - I've followed you back! :)


  12. lovely review, i definitely need to try this out! <3

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