Review // Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream 118ml

I've been reading a lot of good reviews about this Egyptian Magic Cream and I decided to influence my mom to let me get this to try out. The price for this big bottle of magic cream cost about RM125 and this bottle it can really last you for like the longest time.Before i buy this , what attract me the most about this cream its that this cream have so many uses , it can use as/for (i'll just copy and paste that long list)
Skin moisturizer
Makeup remover,
Treat diaper rash and skin rash
Clear up foot odor
Treat chicken pox
Get rid of stretch marks
Treat athlete's foot
Sun and wind, moisture protection (Note: NOT A SUNSCREEN)
Essential oils
Vaginal moisturizer
Vaginal cream
Cold sores
Chapped lips
Dry skin
Itchy skin
Cracked skin
Ashy skin
Massage lotion
Massage oil
Shaving cream for legs and face
After-shave cream for legs and face
Relief from razor bumps
Dry scalp
Itchy scalp
"Hair tamer"
Hot oil hair treatment
Surgical incisions
Skin irritations
Pets/animals: dogs cats, horses,
Help to prevent pregnancy stretch marks

So yeah, this long list really convinces me to buy this. After i bought this from the HiShop website, I've been using this every day before I apply my makeup, after I wash my face and before I go to sleep. Okay , so one thing about this magic cream is that , it will become too oily for your skin if you use it too much . Since i'm staying in Malaysia and the weather here is hot and damp all year long ,this cream can be a little too oily for the weather here .

So how i use this cream , is that I actually dilute the cream with some water base moisturizer to reduce the oiliness . I use like this tiniest amount of this cream , like a size of a rice to prevent it look too oily . So far this method really works really well , and I can really see the effect of this cream acting on my skin . It keeps my skin moisturized , helps to heal my fresh pinch pimple heal faster and it also helps to reduce the color of the scar . I apply a little more  of this cream at night and used the same dilution method that i just mention to make it as a sleeping mask . The next day my face will just look so moisturized and clear .
This is definitely one of the things that i can live without right now and it is one of the important step in my scar reducing skin routine . 

I'll be doing my scar reducing skin routine after this , so do stay tuned for that kay ?

Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money .

for people who have tried this magic  , tell me whether you like it or not ?

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