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Fairy Beauty Fairy Blossom
 I was so happy when i knew that I actually get to review these Fairy Beauty Fairy Blossom Beauty drinks from Hishop ! This time they are so generous that they actually sent me a whole month supply of this . I'ved consume this drink for about 20 days and I'ved seen some very visible result to my face , breast and also my menstrual .

After I've consumed this drink for about ten days, I can really the effect towards my breast where they grew a little bigger and firmer .  (Too bad I cannot attach a photo because that will be just NSFW)  Besides, I also don't experience much menstrual pain when i got my period . At the same time, I realize that Im also having a bad breakout on my face during the time when I'm consuming this drink . To make sure that I'm actually having a bad breakout because of this , I decided to stop for a few days and see what happen.

After a few days, stopping consuming Fairy Blossom, my face condition actually gets better. Then, I decided to continue consuming it again and the same thing happens. Pimples starting to pop out everywhere after the third day i consumed Fairy Blossom . I don't think that this actually happens to everyone, so don't worry too much cause everybody's body condition are different. Look on the bright side of this , my breast does get bigger by a little and its firmer so yeah, I guess a little breakout for this is pretty worth it, ha-ha. 
The taste of this beauty drink actually tastes like tomato-berry juice for me and it is not very sweet .

If not because of me having a breakout after consuming this, I'll definitely continue to consume this .They also have another beauty drink, which is called Fairy Whitez that is helping to reduce pigmentation, prevent acne and pimples , so go and check it out at Hishop website ! 


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