Have you guys ever have a strong craving to have a cup of Starbucks coffee but you're too lazy to get outside to grab it? At this kind of time time don't you just wish that how good it will be if I can have Starbucks coffee to deliver a cup of coffee to my front door?
Good news, I've found a solution for it! The solution for it will be

It's so easy to order food from Foodpanda . It literally just takes you a few minutes for you to order food online. This definitely has given us more food selection to order when you're just too lazy to go outside to buy yourself food. You don't have to only order pizza anymore when you're too lazy to go out. 

To order delivery using Foodpanda , first you need to search for the nearest restaurant that near by your house by entering the city that you lived in and the location . Then click finds food now.

Then the search result will show the nearest restaurant nearby your house that have delivery service to send the food to your house . In the search result they will also tell you the delivery time, delivery fees and also the minimum purchase for you to order for delivery . 
When you've decided which restaurant and what you would like to order , just click add then it will automatically add the things into your cart . 

Proceeding to check out, there's a few payment options for you to choose from and they also have Cash On Delivery . It is so convenient right ?
Even at the last minute, before checking out you can always change from delivery to pick up for you to pick your food up at the restaurant if you doesn't want to wait too long for your food to be delivered.

Oops, I forgot to mention that you can enter this voucher code " FP@RYOKOGURL " to get a RM 10  voucher when you purchase with a minimum of RM10 from 

Isn't it easy ? Hmm, I suddenly have coffee cravings again!  Maybe i should order myself a cup of Starbucks Dark Mocha Frappucino right now ! 

Bye guys !

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