Comic Fiesta 2013

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Hi people! How your holiday? My holiday is super awesome! I just came back from my vacation with my family and I changed my hairstyle again. By the way I shall talk about this next time but now I should tell you guys about this amazing event I attended last week! 
I was so happy that I was chosen to be one of the official blogger for Comic Fiesta this year. I had a lot of fun there but sadly I didn't get to take a picture with the guest in the VIP room because my sister was with me at the time and I need to look after her. 
But still, I have fun enjoying the event very much. I get to watch the Group Cosplay Competition, watch the Legends Circuit Grand Finals live, see Danny Choo in person and get to see a lot of amazing cosplayers getting ready and cosplaying . 
Peoples are everywhere in and out the convention center. Inside the hall, you get to see the performance on the main stage and visit all the art booth. While outside the hall, a lot of cosplayer are posing for the photographer to take their pictures and I also get to witness the interview between the tv host and two random cosplayer.   I'm not sure who is the tv host but I'm pretty sure that I saw him on 8TV before. 
Before I went home, I saw this one person dressing up a Christmas Tree that you see in the last picture. I find it pretty funny! Ha-ha! 
I guess that's pretty much everything already! I can't wait for the next year Comic Fiesta already! 

Oops, it's pretty late already right now, and I should really go to bed already. goodnite! 

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  1. Seems so exciting!!! The cosplayer are so cool!<3<3<3

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Great post! Looks like you had tons of fun! x


  3. Great topic thanks

  4. it looks like real fun,great post :)

  5. Wow this is so cool!! We have similar events where I am from and it's always very fun to attend ^___^


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