November Favourites

Hi guys , I'm so sorry that my blog have been lack of updates recently . I'm so busy with my assignment and my midterms , I hardly have enough time for me to sleep and some pimples are pooping out on my face , urrgh . But luckily I get to have a day off from all the assignments and studies and get to go for a day trip down to Ipoh Town yesterday to have some fun with my friends . I'm feeling so recharge right now , and I'm ready to get busy again ! 
So before I start getting busy again , I want share with you guys about some of the favorite products that I'm really into this month . 
My Beauty Diary Peach Soda Eye & Makeup Remover is my current favorite makeup remover because of its super cute and yummy packaging and also it doesn't feel oily at all after I remove my makeup . 
Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Peeling Gel ; I got this in the Natta Cosme October Beauty Bag last month and I still love it . 
Dermedex Biotox Cleanser is seriously the best facial cleanser that I've used so far and I'm saving my pocket money right now for me to purchase the full size of this product after I finish using this trial pack . 
Dermedex Biotox Refining Cream ; I got this together with the cleanser from Modbox
Clinique All About Eyes ; I just can't live without this when I wake in the morning and I look myself in the mirror and found out I have puffy eyes that day . 
O.P.I Golden Eye ( Skyfall Collection ) ; I purchase this from a beauty blogger blog sale for my mom but I've tried it before I gave it to my mom and I'm just loving how it looks on my nails . 

thats it for now , see ya guys next post :)



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  2. I love My Beauty Diary Masks, but havn't had a chance to try out their other products! Im such a sucker for their packaging though, it's all cute and pink and girly! Maybe I'll try out the makeup remover one day :)

    I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!! <3

    xoxo, Kerynn
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  3. I love My Beauty Diary makeup remover! and I have tried that Naruko Oil out as well they are good! But if I can I wouldn't recommend you the Dermadex. I have been using that for about 6 months, the after effect was horrible. While using, your skin will stay healthy and good but in the long run it will damage your skin. I am not sure about this new batch that you were trying because I had this product in 2010. Probably they have the steroids ingredients off the product by now, I don't know but yea... just to share with you :)

    1. I see i see , thanks for sharing Nicole !

  4. I really want to try My Beauty Diary now! Just found you via the blog hop. <3

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  5. Great review :) Enjoy reading it!

    Followed your blog :)

  6. The nail polish looks so pretty! :)


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