My Yellow Hair

Hi guys , this will be another short update . I've been really busy with assignments and my midterm until I almost don't have enough time to sleep . Let me tell you guys a secret , I actually love being busy . It feels nice when you feel so occupied with all the things that you need to do .Am I the only one who feel this way? 
By the way , all the red / pink color on the highlighted part of my hair has faded . I redyed that part with my fluorescent hair dye , and it came out like the yellow highlighter color . The color from the picture above can't really show how bright it is .I don't know how I feel about this color , love it hate it ? I also not sure myself .
But I'm already planning to get another color , a darker color may be blue or purple when I sold out my used bottle of hair dye . You can see more pictures of my hair on my instagram @ryokogurl . 
So yeah , that's all for now and I'll update more soon . 

Bye !



  1. I both love and hate being busy. I definitely hate not having anything to do, though!
    I think your new hair color is fun! As long as you like it, who cares what anyone else thinks?!
    I used to have purple (my favorite color) in the section underneath my ponytail. I loved it, but keeping the color looking nice was so much work. Now I'm back to being a brunette. Props to you for sticking with the fun colors!


    1. aww that so nice , i can definitely imagine how nice your hair look like before this . It os so true that keeping it look nice , is one hell of a work but I really love they always turn outs to be =)

  2. Ahhhh!!! I love it love it!! "normal" is boring, daring to cHange is sexy! I've just followed you on GFC, looking forward to your next post love!! <3

    xoxo, Kerynn
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    1. Oh , you so sweet and youre so pretty . I've followed you too <3


your comment made my day =)