The Real & Fake 3CE Lip Pigment

Oh yeah , I finally get my hand on these 3CE Lip Pigment that everyone that's has been crazy about . Today I'm making a post on how to differentiate the real 3CE Lip Pigment and the fake 3CE Lip Pigment . In my post today I will be using 3CE Lip Pigment in the color #BrightOrange or some people may just call it color No 5 . There are some many fake ones out there right now , that's why I'm doing a post about this today . 
Before I start I would like to thank @PAWANNA_SHOP for sponsoring the authentic 3CE Lip Pigment that I'm using in this post . While for the fake one , I actually got it on some random online shop . 

I shall start from the box then slowly goes into the product and so on . So from above pictures you can see that the real product comes in orange and black box. Mine was bright orange so the top part of the box is orange in color . While the fake one is white in color at the top of the box . You can also see that the front logo is totally different . The real ones are printed with " 3CE " in a triangle while the fake one printed " 3 Concept Eyes " . At the back and the bottom of the box , it also printed the color of your lip pigment while the fake one only sticks a sticker with "05 " at the bottom of the box .It also printed "  lip gloss "on the fake lip pigment box instead of lip pigment .

So when I first opened the box , the fake one actually comes with a small brush with it . As you can see from the picture above , the fake lip pigment is actually longer and wider compared to the real lip pigment . The bottom half of the fake lip pigment tube is actually transparent where you can clearly see the liquid inside and if you enlarge the photo , you can actually spot air bubble inside the tube . The real lip pigment comes with a sticker on the side written in Korean and the shape of the tube is actually a slim oval shape . 

The fake lip pigment actually have a much stickier consistency compare to the real lip pigment . The real 3CE lip pigment is much more liquidy and it is easier to be pressed out of the tube compare to the fake one . It also consist a little oil inside the pigment which is moisturizing and when you apply it on your hand or your lips you can actually feel that the liquid feel powdery . 
From the above picture you can see the swatches of the real and fake lip pigment on my hand and also on my lips . The fake lip pigment gives a very sticky feeling just like lip gloss while the real lip pigment , gives a matte finish . The fake lip pigment has a more orangey color to it while the real lip pigment has a pinky orange color .

Personally , I love the real 3CE lip pigment . I love the color and I love the texture and I would like to thank @PAWANNA_SHOP for sponsoring me the product to do this post . They are selling authentic 3CE products and they provide good shipping service .
You can visit their shop at Instagram @PAWANNA_SHOP or you can visit their blog at if you're interested to buy 3CE products .
For overseas reader , you can purchase the authentic 3ce lip pigment from w2beauty here . Quote " 02550912 " for a $5 discount when you purchase more than $30 .

The fake lip pigment that I used for reviewing this post , I got it for RM 12 and this is already considered very expensive for a fake product because I found out that you can actually get these fake ones for RM 4 a tube . And of course , I've seen people selling these fake ones on Facebook for RM 75 a tube .

So people , please be careful of the authenticity of the product that you're getting . If you're not sure how to make sure the product that you're buying are authentic , these are some guidelines that may help you .

1. Take a real look on the pictures that the seller is showing you , check the history and the previous ready stock pictures that they have posted
2. Read the reviews and comment about the products that people have bought previously
3. Shop from reliable and trustworthy website / seller
4. Always remember good things doesn't come cheap , so if the seller is offering you with a really low price , think twice 
And that's all for now , do comment down below if you have anything to ask me . See you guys on my next post kay ?




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    1. thank you my dear , i've followed you =)

  2. That's scary... The fake ones could cause a lot of skin problems in the future...

    1. i know right , that's why i'm doing this post to help people how to differentiate between the fake ones and real ones

  3. I have seen on some sites this pigment to a dollar and I really looked like it was fake, I've been waiting for some blogger do a post so long ago, really the differences are minimal packaging but when you see the color is completely different. Thank you very much for this post!

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