The Must Have iPhone App #1

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Most of the pictures on my blog here are taken with my iPhone 4 . Last time , I used to transfer the pictures from my phone to my computer using USB wire but now , my life has changed after I discovered this two app . Both apps are pretty much the same , the only different is that Easy Transfer app is a paid app while the Simpl Transfer app is free . After I downloaded this two app , i never need to connect my phone to my computer using USB wire anymore . I can easily select and send my pictures from my phone to my computer using wifi . 
For me the Easy Transfer app is a little easier compared to the other app , because it allowed you to choose and pic any pictures from your gallery while the other app only allowed you to select the first 50 pictures in a album . That means if you want to transfer your picture no 51 , you need to transfer it to another new folder to select it and transfer to your computer using the Simpl Transfer app . The Simpl Transfer app is free , thus it is a bit more troublesome compare to Easy Transfer the paid app . 

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