Review // Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker

I hope that the " aegyo sal " trend is not over yet because i recently just bought this Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker .The brown color for step 1 is really light and soft which it looks very natural when you're trying to achieve the aegyo sal look . While the light pink pearl color for step 2 is very shimmering and after you apply them onto your skin , you might need to use your finger to even the pigment out to have a more natural look . 
Overall , I'm pretty happy with these but I've also found a few ways to create this aegyo sal look without buying any other products . You can easily create aegyo sal by drawing a line below your eye with a light brown color eye brow pencil . Or you can also cut out a small piece of double eyelid sticker and stick it to the bottom of your eye .So , if you don't really want to spend extra money on this , you can try out my two method above .
 You can bought this here at w2beauty .Quote "02550912" for a $5 discount when you purchase more than $30 .



  1. I want the product so bad! I doubt the aegyo-sal will go out of style anytime soon thought.. Who would not want to have smiling eyes? ^^ So don't worry!

  2. !!! thx for sharing~~ <3

  3. I really love this product!!!
    please check out my review on it?
    xx Charmaine


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