Review // Ebou Aroma Lavender Face Salt

This is my current favorite product ! As you all know , a few weeks ago I have some skin breakout problem . All of the sudden I have like tons of pimple that I never had during my puberty time . But luckily now , my skin is all better now . This is all thanks to this face salt . This face salt helps to kill all the gems and bacterias on my problematic areas . It also helps to prevent some future pimple from popping out on my face . 
To use this , I first take a small pinch of the salt and add some water to make it dissolve . Then rinse your face with the solution . After that take a bigger pinch of salt and scrub it on your face . After I do this once a week , after two weeks new pimples stop growing on my face and till now not much pimples popping out on my face anymore . People who have some serious acne or pimples problem , you guys can totally tried this product out . 

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