Random Circle Lens

My sister gave this pair of blue circle lens to me that she bought at Times Square last time . The design of this pair of lens is really attractive and according to the packaging , it stated that its diameter is 17.5 mm .When I first put it on , it doesn't really feel like 17.5 mm and amazingly it feels better that the previous Geo red circle lens that I got when I put them on . But unfortunately , after I put them on for about 2 hours , my eyes started to feel really dry and red . My eyes feel dry for the next three days . 
Then I went googling search on the brand of this lens , and I can't find any information on this . So in the end , I'm pretty sure that this is come random lens that made from china . I'm not wearing this lens anymore and even though this pair of circle lens looks great on me , but I can't risk my eye going blind because of this . I definitely not going to buy or trying on any pair of random circle lens anymore and guys please be careful the next time you got your circle lenses .



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  2. Hello there

    How much does it cost of the circle lens?
    Could you tell where I can find the lens?

    Greetings from Indonesia


your comment made my day =)