BBOTD // Modbox #1

What's in the box ?
Dermedex Challenge Pack 
Human Nature Moisturizing Shampoo ( 50ml )
Ronasutra 2-in-1 Mineral Foundation & Powder [ 04 Honey ]  ( 8g )

BBOTD will be another series on my blog featuring the beauty box that I subscribe . I'm really shy to say that this is the first beauty box that I ever bought . This ModBox is currently the cheapest and the most affordable beauty box out there right now . This beauty box only cost me RM 15 including the postage , and if excluding the postage this beauty box only cost RM 9 . That price for a beauty box containing three products that you can choose yourself , that's awesome ! 
One of the main reasons I bought this beauty box , is all because of the Dermedex Challenge Pack . I've seen that Dermerdex Challenge Pack in a few other beauty box brands last month , I'm so tempted to get my hands on it . I'm really happy with this and I'll definitely get a few more after this . 

Tata ! 



  1. i've been using the shampoo and i love it alot!

  2. i havent try it out yet , i'll try it soon =)

  3. I haven't ever subscribed to any beauty blogs but it sounds really cool! Hopefully I will get to try one soon! :)


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