why White is always better ?

i love white

Why white is always better ?
The color white is the symbol of purity , innocence , cleanliness and perfection . T-shirts that i own now are mainly white in color . The reason is , white is easy to take care and wash too . Most of the people think that white shirts need high maintenance , that's actually a wrong perception . White shirts are actually easier to wash and take care . 
If you accidentally make your white shirts dirty , you can always use some magic fabric marker to clean it up immediately . Or your white shirts had turned yellow and looks dirty , just get a glove and some bleach to make it new again . If you are allergic to bleach , maybe you can try detergent that is specially designed to make shirts whiter like " Vanish " ? Always remember to separate your clothes in colors before you wash them ! 

On the other hand , white shirts are extremely easy to wear because the color white goes well with everything . To achieve a simple and girl next door look , just wear your white shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and converse shoe . You can effortlessly change that girl next door look by wearing a leather jacket over your white shirt then change your converse shoe into a 6'inch heel . 

People can never get bored of white ! So maybe it's time for you to invest in some white shirts if you don't really have much white shirts in your closet . 

I know it's been a while , but I'm back guys . I hope you guys like my new blog layout and stay tuned for more updates and a giveaway is coming on the way 



  1. great post, a white tee is always a must have! and totally agree about cleaning them, way easier thank black clothes :/


  2. agree! but i am afraid if i make the shirt dirty! haha

  3. white color is my faveret color Thats wonderful stuff you've written up here. Been searching for it all around. Great blog



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