Review // Pibamy Beauty Time Platinum Mask

If you love my Cathy Choo 24K Active Gold Shower Gel review , then I think you'll interested in this as well . This Pibamy Beauty Time Platinum mask , my mom got it for 50 baht ( RM 5 ) . 
This is a peel off mask and it claims to restore our skin brightness and transparent luster . It also helps our skin to moisten for 24 hours and strengthens skin hydrating abilities . I definitely got hooked by its packaging where it looks expensive and glamorous . 
Buts sadly , it hasn't really worked like what it claims . It has a consistency like glue and it smells like glue as well . It claims to be a platinum mask but it feels and looks like fine glitter to me . I do not dare to apply it onto my face . I only applied it on my hand and my skin does feel moisturized abit after I apply it on my hand . I regret getting two bottles of this . My sister told me that she will use this as glue when she ran out of her art glue , lols

That's all for my review today , I'll be following my parents to Thailand again . I plan to find more interesting products to review . So stay tuned and don't forget to join my mask giveaway ! 



  1. Huh? Really? Fortunately, i didnt buy it yet! Thanks!


your comment made my day =)