Review // Lanopearl Refining & Exfoliating Scrub

I let my sisters and my mom tried out this scrub when I first receive them from HiShop , and they all love it as much as I do .  This is a pore cleansing scrub where I think every city people needs it , because as you all know air pollution is the main problem for people who lives in the city . Everytime , I'm back in town to stay with my parents I always feel that my face is always looking dull and dirty and my pores are blocked and causes more pimples pop out of my face . 

So this scrubs really comes in handy right now , where I'm having this terrible acne problem that I never experience before this . I wonder am I going through a second puberty ? Lol 
This scrub has a tiny oatmeal beat like you can see from the second picture above and it also contains honey , horsetail and green tea extracts . So basically this scrub contains all the natural ingredient that is good for your skin and also they are cruelty free ! 

Things I love about this scrub is that , it uses oatmeal beads as one of the ingredients in the scrubs unlike other scrubs that uses harder beads , this will be more gentle for your skin and this is more suitable for people who have a thinner skin layer . This scrub can also apply to your neck to remove all your dead skins and impurities that you have on your skin . Besides , everybody knows that one of the benefits of oatmeal is that it works like a sponge to absorb all the oil away , so this is also very good for those people who have oily face or an oily combination face . As for the smell , it smells like others scrubs smell , nothing special but this definitely works like a charm as it make my pores happy and clean . 
I definitely recommend this to people who are currently looking for a scrub . Remember to use this only once or twice a week ! Don't over exfoliate your face ! 
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  1. i got this scrub too and i super love it!! it really helps making my skin better, non-abrasive at all and my skin became smooth after usage. i really wish it can be used daily like normal cleansers, really satisfied with this product ^_^


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