Review // Hiruscar

For people who has been following my blog all this while , sure will remember the bicycle accident I had about two years ago . Since that accident , I've gained a few bumpy scars on my body . I have one bumpy scar on my right hand . That's a scar on my hand always reminds me of that accident and I have no idea how to remove it . So when I receive this Hiruscar Gel for review , I'm actually excited to try it out . 

So scars are a part of the body natural healing process . When we suffer from a wound or injury , our body will repair the damage by producing new collagen fiber to restore the damaged skin on our body . When too mush of collagen is produced , a bumpy scar will form . 
This Hiruscar is actually formulated to remove scars like the bumpy ones , the deep hole ones and more . 

Before this , I've also tried out some other scar removing gel and most of those gels actually have a kind of unpleasant smell . Unlike Hiruscar , this actually has a very nice fruity smell that I like , it actually smells a little like a berry taste lip balm . It has a very moisturizing gel like consistency , totally non-greasy or sticky at all . The above before and after picture is taken after I've applied it on my scar for four times .
Personally I've felt that my scar is now a little smaller , but it's not that obvious . To permanently remove my scar , I believe that it will take some time to really see the result. If you take a real look on the picture above , maybe you'll see the difference . On the other hand , I would say this scar removing gel is much more affordable compare to others that I've tried out .

So if you are interested with this Hiruscar gel , you can actually get it at all leading pharmacies nationwide and this gel is retailing at RM 17.80 for a 5g tube and RM 54.80 for a 20g tube . If you have any questions , you can drop me comment down below or send me an email 

Disclaimer : This product is sent to me for review purpose but it doesn't affect my thoughts and opinion on this product . 



  1. hi, just wanna know how's your scar by now??? is it still raised?? or it's gotten lighter and flatter??


your comment made my day =)