let sasa shape you up with collistar

Last week , me and my mom attended this " Shape Up Challenge with Collistar " event . It's my first time to attend an event as a media / blogger so I'm pretty nervous on that day . Me and my mom definitely have some fun that day and I would like to take this chance to thank Sasa Malaysia for the invites . Oh and also I get to have a picture with Ms Hunny Madu , love her ! 

So actually this Shape up with Collistar Challenge is a collaboration between Collistar and Celebrity Fitness . Basically this event the is searching for eighty eight (88) customers to join their holistic body program that only takes 90 days to achieve an incredible result and for a little bit more motivations for the participant , the winner will also get to win a trip to ITALY ! 

Participants who join the Shape Up Challenge get to save up to RM2, 000 and with RM150 enrollment fees they will receive;
* FREE Collistar Shape Up Challenge starter pack worth RM495.
* FREE 30 days Celebrity Fitness membership with unlimited access to fitness classes
* 50% off on Shape Up Challenge program’s products up to 90 days
* 4 monthly workshops to gain useful tips and information on good nutrition & exercise tips.

To know more about this challenge , this “Shape up with Collistar” is actually a holistic body program which integrates shape up into lifestyle with 4 simple steps. The four stages of the workshop start with these 4 steps;
Step 1 – Exfoliation & Cellulite Softening;
Step 2 – Fat Burning & Slimming;
Step 3 – Tone, Firm, & Shape Sculpturing;
Step 4 – Bust Firming & Volumising.

For you guys who are busy and like to lose weight yourself at home , SaSa also has another ticket to offer to reward Collistar’s customers. Any Sasa customer with a minimum spend of RM300 on any Collistar products which includes the Biorevitalizing Anti Cellulite Concentrate during the campaign period , the customer gets to stand a chance to win a free air-ticket to Italy too !

So what you people waiting for ? Go to your nearest Sasa outlet to shop and start shaping up !

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