Lazy Cooking // Sweet Pumpkin Barley Soup

It's time to update my lazy cooking series with my signature dessert soup . Today I'll be sharing this Sweet Pumpkin Barley Soup . I always cook this for my family whenever I'm back at home staying with them .
And this soup can also be turned into ice-pops if you tried to trick your kids or younger siblings to eat pumpkin =)

What we need :
1 whole pumpkin
1 packet of barley 
Some dried white fungus 
Some rock sugar

I actually first got this recipe from one of my mom's friends . And her's doesn't include the dried white fungus , so if you can find the white fungus is okay to just cook it with only pumpkin and barley . The reason I improvised the recipe by adding white fungus is to make the soup to have a thicker and sticky consistency . 
So to make this soup is really very easy , just remove your pumpkin skin and cut it into small cubes . Put it into a big pot with water and just add in the barley . Add in the rock sugar depending on how sweet you want the soup to be . 

Then just leave it cook and boiled for 2 hours and you're done . Don't worry about your soup color , cause when you boiled it long enough , the pumpkin inside the soup will actually break down into smaller pieces by itself and of course if you want to make it finer , you can always take a big spoon and press it inside the soup . 

This is really easy right ? And trust me if you don't like pumpkin tried this recipe and you'll fall in love with pumpkin just like i do , but do remember to be careful while you remove the skin of the pumpkin . The pumpkin skin is really hard so must be careful while cutting it . 

So that's all for this post and stay tuned for more of my lazy cooking post =3 



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