I want to be a different person , I want to feel better of myself and I want to change . I've been a little depressed for about two three days now and I've enough of the feeling of being a fatty loser , I want to change !  I've walked in heels on a treadmill for about one and a half hours today and did some easy 10 minute workout . Just finish bathing and do some roller massaging on my body . My thighs , arms and stomach are still reddish because of the massage and I'm feeling great .
Me feeling depressed just keep giving out negative energy to everyone and I just don't want to do this anymore . I've read a tweet yesterday and it just hit me . 
" If you don't like your life - change it " , a tweet by  
just another blogger I follow on twitter but that tweet really changes how I see things now . I've enough feeling like a loser in everything and I want to change my life . I don't know how long this gonna last but I'll try to make this last as long as possible cause now I know whenever I feel down or feeling giving up , I'll just read this post back . 
I'm happy that I've been given a chance to change and I'm not gonna waste it . I hate failing , I hate crying and I hate feeling fat . So everything's gonna change now , because I said so and I'll prove it . 
I'm gonna start working out hard , study hard and work hard like I never before . 
I'll be updating my progress here every week and we shall see . 
I've you hate your life now , like I do then stop giving excuses and start changing . Find a reason , a thing , a person or a word to give you the motivation to be a better person . The choice is in our hands , so lets change to be a better person in order to have a better life . 



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