Review // Annisue Stem-Cell Brightening Oxygenating Cream and Annisue Face Treatment Gel

I don't know why , but recently my face have grown a lot of small bumps . I can't really pinch them or do anything to them , really frustrating arghhh . So i get to try two of Annisue product which they are the Annisue Stem-Cell Brightening Oxygenating Cream and Annisue Face Treatment Gel . It do helps to improve my skin condition a bit by making my pimple ripen faster as you can clearly see from the before and after picture . 
I used Annisue Stem-Cell Brightening Oxygenating Cream and Annisue Face Treatment Gel for two days to achieve after the result above . After I washed my face with my Clinique Facial Wash , I applied the Oxygenating cream and leave it on about 25 minutes before I rinse it off . Then I continue my regimen by applying the treatment gel and let it sit on my face for 10 minutes before I rinse it off again . After I 've finish washed off all the gel on my face , I rubbed a cube of ice on my face until the ice melts. I finish off my regimen with my face toner and also moisturizer . I continue this regimen for two days and I've seen my small pimple on my face has ripen and I can start to see the puss and my skin looks fairer . 
The oxygenating cream has a dried persimmon smell while the treatment gel have a smell of a rotten egg . I've never really used an oxygenating cream before but what I feel after I used this is that it gives me a fresh and hydrate feeling to my skin . When I first applied it on my skin , I can actually see some small bubbles foam for the first few seconds when i applied it on my face . On the other hand , the treatment gel actually makes me feel uncomfortable because of the rotten egg smell . It has a texture like oil but it feels like you are applying lemon egg white mask when you apply the treatment gel on your face . It will give a little tighten feeling to your skin , so don't laugh cause this helps to reduce the fine wrinkles on your face and also minimize your pore . 
if you would like to find out more about Annisue product , you can find it here or at HiShop.

I seldom post my face picture on my blog because I'm very shy. I've purposely put my face up this time for review purpose and I feel so naked right now . Someone please pass me some clothes to cover my face please ? 

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