Call Me Devil

What I'm Wearing ?
Guns and Roses Long Sleeved Dress // Elyze
Printed Leggings // Harajuku
Hi-Top Boots // Metrix 
Sport Watch // Adidas 
Sunglasses // Ray-Ban
Devil's Horn // Ebay

Opps Opps , I didnt realise that this is actually my third look wearing printed leggings again. I love my dress and I love my new watch from Adidas . Its actually my birthday present from my mom and you'll get to see it in a closer look in my next post . The devil's horn i got off ebay are super cute . When I plan to wore it out for real my dad says " Girl , you better take it off before the people starts to throw raw meat at you ! " . Lols , raw meat . By the way , do visit me again tomorrow cause I'll be unboxing my birthday present with you guys . 



your comment made my day =)