Basic Photoshop Tools

Recently I've been busy with some college event and I'm given tasks to do some designing of this and that . So basically , it requires me to use photoshop to do my work . Before this , I've also helped my friends to do some poster designing and stuff so it kind of gives me an idea to share with you guys about some basic tools , software and website that I use most of the time . 

For all the basic designing work like creating logos , poster or to create my blog header I used GIMP instead of Adobe Photoshop . Adobe Photoshop requires me to pay for the software while GIMP  is absolutely free . GIMP  works like Adobe , for me it doesn't have much difference . Their interface is actually very similar , If you've used it before then you'll know what i mean . 

Normally if I just want to do some fast photoshoping , I'll use picmonkey . Picmonkey is an online photo editor where you can auto adjust your photo , touch up your photos and add some water marks . When the celebrations are near like Halloween and Chirstmas , they will also have some fonts or picture filter that you can use to edit your photo to match the celebration theme ! 

I'll normally use Polyvore to make a picture collage for example like my wishlist posts . I also like to play around with Polyvore to decide what I'm going to wear . 

Some other photoshop software that I used is Photoscape and also paint . I love the bloom effect in Photoscape and that the only reason I use Photoscape . The bloom effect helps to give a very dreamy effect in the photo which I love . And when you talk about photoshop tools , how can you left the paint software out . It is the most basic and most useful software that you can work with in every windows operated computer.

These are some of the basic photoshop software and website that I often use . All the software above is free and if you have any more question you can drop me and email or just leave me a comment and I'll answer your questions . 
My next tutorial will be my favorite IOS app , so do follow me to get my latest updates ! 



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