Al-Amar , Pavilion

What's on my plate ? 

So a few weeks before while I'm still back in KL , we went to try out Al-Amar at Pavilion .They specialized in Lebanese Cuisine and when we pass by the restaurant , the beautiful presentation of their food just attracts us to go inside and try out their food . I never had Lebanese food before this so I really have no idea what their food really taste like . 
You can really see from the pictures above that they have a really nice food presentation , they actually extended out their buffet table outside the restaurant and everyone that passes by will surely take a look and that's how we ended up dine in there . Their food evolves around cheese a lot so most of their food actually tastes salty and milky because of the cheese . Of course Lebanese food is famous with their lamb rice where they cook the rice together with their herbs and the whole lamb inside . Even though they cook the lamb together with the rice , but the rice doesn't taste salty at all or weird . When you eat the rice you can really taste the original taste of the lamb .I don't know whether you guys can really see in the picture but their rice is actually very long and thin and even without any sauce or meat , their white rice taste delicious itself . 
The funny thing is that some of their food actually tastes pretty weird for my taste bud , for example their mushroom actually taste sour ? That's pretty weird right ? And the black color cake thingy you saw about is actually a squid ink flavor fish cake . I know , it sounds gross right ? It tastes gross to me as well . What can I say , Lebanese food is just not my thing . 
They also have blue cheese and I also went to have a small bite myself experience the taste . It was okay at first when you put inside your mouth but then when you swallow it down , it taste like youre eating a dead fish and the worst part is that the taste doesnt go away and it gets stronger . Oh , I forgot to mention that they have dates juice as well , it smells like perfume and the smell will stays inside your mouth after you drink it , its like youre drinking perfume , my sister said . 
Overall , like a said it was a amazing experience and if you ask me whether i'll go again to try out lebanese food , my answer will be no . Dont get me wrong , Al-Amar serve the best lebanese food in town but it just doesnt suits my taste . I would prefer something more normal and food that doesnt involve blue cheese or squid ink sauce . Oh ya , and they charges RM 70 ++ per person so its pretty expensive , think before you go kay ?




  1. Looks worth it if you have the money and the stomach for it. For the record, some say Blue Cheese taste like toe jam, but heck that's expensive cheese over there.
    Interesting to try it though.


your comment made my day =)