Review // Timeless Truth Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening Mask

I actually won this mask awhile ago from Plus Size Kitten Easter Giveaway , and it was a perfect gift for my mom to try it out . My mom was more than happy to put on the mask . I'm not really into mask because I'm not that kind of person can just sit there and do nothing for 10-20 minutes , although it is a way to pamper myself but I guess I'm not really that kind of girl , girl .

So back to mask , this is actually a multifunctional mask where it can help reduce wrinkles , increase elasticity of your skin , brightening and also moisturizing . This mask also covered your neck area and the area behind your ears . As you can see from the above picture where you can see that the fabric of the mask is very dense thus is soak up the essence into the mask really well . After using the mask , mommy says that she do feel that her skin got fairer and her double chin reduces a bit . 

Overall , my mom was happy with the mask and she says she will purchase it for herself next time .
If you guys also interested in getting the mask , you can actually get it from HiShop here for RM 10 .

So yeah , bye =3  



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