Review // Body Luxuries Mango Mandarin Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion

I think you guys already saw this in my previous may surprise from Hishop post , this was one of the product that was sent to me from Hishop . I was excited to try this product out because this is the first time I see an anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion . It's normal to see moisturizing hand lotion but this is the first time I know that there is also anti-bacterial hand lotion . This lotion smells like mango pudding which is nice and yummy . One thing I don't like about this is that it gives my hand an oily feeling apply i applied it on hand but the oily feeling will fade away and leaves your hand squeaky clean . It does give my hand the feeling like I've just used hand sanitizer which is really nice because you get to moisturize your hand and kills all the germs at the same time . It's like killing two birds with a stone . 
If you're interested to find out more do check it out here .

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  1. Smell like mango pudding? Sounds tempting! :)

    1. i know , i feel like licking my hand . yum yum


your comment made my day =)