Review // Bloop Marine Botanical Toner

I was excited to try out this product when I first receive it from Hishop may surprise box , because I have recently realized that my pores have enlarged and its pretty visible right now so ive been having headache about this. So when I first saw that this product can help to reduce and tighten pore size , I tried it out straight away .I've been using it for a few days now and I've seen that my pore size reduces a bit . I'm a little amazed by this because this is actually an alcohol free product and it works to tighten my pores . I used to believe that only products that contained alcohol can do the job . What I like about this toner is that I can apply this on top of my eyelid because it is alcohol free , and unlike my Clinique toner I need to avoid the eye area to prevent it goes into my eyes . This toner has a rosé fragrant smell to it which I don't really like , I prefer citrus smell more .
Overall , I'm satisfied with this toner and I'll continue using for a while . You can read more about this product here

This product is given to me by  in my May Surprise Box .



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