Jang-Gun , Fahrenheit 88

*above pictures are taken from saisaki.com.my
So about last two weeks , I went back my hometown in KL to celebrate father's day with my family . We decided to go for Shogun , sushi buffet at Fahrenheit 88 but then we have no idea that they have already changed it into a Korean Buffet Restaurant , Jang-Gun . We have no choice other than just try out this new restaurant . 
After I try out the mostly all the food there , I'm really really disappointed with the quality of food there , its not worth paying about RM 50 ++ per person to eat sashimi that is not fresh , Korean BBQ meat that is not cooked and sushi that already turned bad . Honestly speaking , I will not recommend anyone to dine in there , is better for you to spend your money on other restaurant than this .
 I'm personally a big fan of korean food , so the reason the only that I'm giving this restaurant a very bad review is all because the quality of the food there is really bad . Like seriously , I even puke out the salmon sushi I ate on a tissue paper because it has turned bad . 

So yeah , we had a bad brunch that day and I don't think we'll ever go back there again =)
This is really my first bad review of a restaurant and I really wish to share out and hopefully they'll change or do something with it soon =)




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  2. That is terrible! Nice to hear an honest review!



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