DIY // Hello Kitty Plush Tote Bag

Today will just be an easy and short do-it-yourself project . So recently I've collected all four of the hello kitty's from McDonalds and I'm in love with all of them . Then it got me thinking , what's the fun when you have all the plushies yourself and people don't know about it * trying to show off my hello kitties
Then I remember I saw Lady Gaga wore a Hello Kitty Plush Dress so I got my inspiration from there and decided to make a tote bag instead of a dress using the same concept . 
Today I'll be using a River Island tote bag from Pink N Proper , all four of my hello kitty plushies and a sewing kit to sew everything together . 
 I don't really want to spoil the front printting of the bag , so I use the back instead . Just arrange the plushies around until you're happy with it then you can just sew them on or the easier way will be pinning them up using giant safety pins =)

So that's all for this diy , is easy doesn't it ?
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  1. Haha love this! Very quirky! I would of never thought of it :D


  2. great idea..but im not willing to take off the kitty from the plastic bag..

    1. haha , i feel heartache when i opened the plastic bag too =(

  3. I am not a big fan of hello kitty. But this bag is really cool..

  4. ahaha i had to google "GAGA Hello Kitty Dress" LOL
    GOtta love hello kitty, great DIY!!
    thanks for sharing


your comment made my day =)