About Cleansing Milk

Cleaning milk is moisturizing facial wash that basically do not foam when you applied it on your skin . It helps to removes dirts , grime and cosmetics . The good thing about this is that it doesn't strip away the moisture and oil on your skin , so it won't leave your skin with a dry feeling after you used it .

When I first starting using it , I'm pretty confused about how should I applied it on my face cause it doesn't foam and it feels oily when I first apply in on my palm . Then I went googling search about how to use it properly , I can't really find a useful information that I'm looking for . So I've been experimenting myself for days , to find the correct way to use and fully utilize the function of cleansing milk .

So basically , how to use cleansing milk is just spread it evenly on your palm and apply it onto your dry face . While applying on your face , do a circular motion just to make sure the product get to get under your skin perfectly . Then , just wipe if off your face with a facial cotton pad . Wash your face with running over to make sure there is no residue left . Continue will the rest of your skin care routine afterwards .

When I used it for the first few times , I'm not really convinced that just like that my face has been clean already . So for the first few times , I used my facial wash to clean my face after I used cleansing milk . For the next few days , I realize my face started to have some pimple popping out and my skin feels dry . Then the following days I tried using it without my facial wash , my skin feels more moisturize and no more pimples popping out anymore. Some people actually use facial wash after they use cleansing milk and its perfectly fine so I think this really depends on your skin type and condition .

For me I think the best time to use cleansing milk are at night , cause it get to remove all the dirt , grime and cosmetics that you have it all day since morning .In the morning I'll just use my usual facial wash to wash my face in the morning then at night I'll use cleansing milk to clean my face before I go to sleep . This is my current face washing routine .

Some cleansing product is designed specifically for people have normal , sensitive or dry skin . People who have more oily skin are not recommended to use cleansing milk ( some ) because they might contain oils and other ingredients that might not suitable for oilier skin types or combination skin .

PS : I'm not a dermatologist or a professional . All information above is written based on own view and experience of trying the product . 
And all the images above are obtained from google image . 

I really just want to share with everyone about what I knew and because of the lack of information that I can find on google , I decided to make a guide myself to help people who are as confused as I do at first . I hope this does help you guys and do leave me a comment down below if you have any questions for me =) 



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