Sek Yuen Restaurant , KL

So guys I'm currently back in KL for my semester break . Normally , the first thing my parents will do when I'm back in KL is they will bring me to my favorite food restaurant in Pudu , KL which is Sek Yuen Restaurant . If you follow my blog from the beginning you probably knew this already because I've shared a few times already . Hehe =X 

The Sek Yuen Restaurant is one of the oldest chinese restaurants in KL and its already famous since my grandfather times . And if you have ever been to the restaurant , you still can't feel the old vibes and you can see they have a lot of old black and white photos that are framed and hang on the walls in the restaurant . You can also see that the boss of the restaurant still wearing his signature white tee and white pants just like old times  . Everytime I have my lunch or dinner at that restaurant , I can always see a lot of old people eating with a smile on their face . I think the restaurant must have reminded them a lot of their past memories is just like how we get nostalgic when we saw someone is holding a Gameboy .

After the long introduction , its time for food . 
7 Colors Cold Dish ( *Seasonal )
Buddhist Yam Bowl
Village Vegetarian 
Intestine with Vegetable 
Roasted Duck

This is mainly what we ordered when whenever we eat there . For the cold dish above , is actually seasonal and you can only eat it sometimes when there is a wedding dinner is held there . I'm pretty lucky cause I've eaten that twice . My favorite dish of theirs definitely is the cold dish , cause the taste is so unique that you can never find it in anywhere else . The cold dish consists of octopus , slice abalone , prawn , jelly that put around the chicken that is covered with jelly. Then to top it all , they put a special taste sauce that it tastes like it added wasabi and some sesame sauce . It is so special that you can only find it there .

The next dish that I absolutely love is their roasted duck , the duck is perfectly roasted with a crunchy skin and soft meat  inside . They also provide a sour plum sauce that you can dip with the duck meat . I always ask for more sauce because with the sauce itself i can pretty much eat the whole bowl of rice without anything .

If you guys haven tries out Sek Yuen Restaurant , you guys are missing out the good food . And for you guys that have checked them out do share with me what's your favorite dishes there kay ?

PS : The dishes name on top are not 100% correct because they are direct translation from their chinese name . 




  1. Oh my god, I LOOVEE DUCK! <3
    Sorry if I sounded hysterical haha :)

  2. The roasted duck looks tempting! :)


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