A Welcome Surprise from HiShop & Products Review

A few weeks ago , I received an email from the HiShop to be one of their Beauty Ambassador . I was more than happy to say yes to it cause it will be so fun to share with all the love with you guys . And I will be doing giveaways soon on the products that I receive , cause I would really love to share all the good stuff with you guys that support me . It's always better to share than having it all by myself right ? So do show me your support by giving me a " like " on my new facebook page here and follow me on gfc k ? 

Before I go into what products I've received in the welcome pack last month , I shall introduce you guys and explains a little about HiShop

So HiShop is pronounced as hai-shop if you are wondering =) It is an online beauty and cosmetics store .They only carry genuine beauty and cosmetics products that they believe that will be accessible to anyone , anytime and anywhere . 
For more information you guys can check out www.hishop.my .

For the month April , which is also the first month that I be a part of their beauty ambassador program , I've received a full size product of Nature & Co cleansing milk , Naga Nail 2 Way Art Pen - Silver Glitter , two Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light Sample , a Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask and cash vouchers . 

The cleansing milk and the nail art pen are nicefully wrapped in bubble wrapped when I first received them . 

This Nature & Co Cleasing Milk have a really nice flowery herb fragrance to it and it's really strong . The fragrant smell is not strong in the way that will excite your nostril but it is strong as in that the smell can be smelled as soon as I opened the box . The smells of the cleansing milk just makes you want to breathe deeply and its really soothing . Another with this cleansing milk is that this is just perfect for people who are very lazy in removing their makeup completely cause it can help to remove the makeup and dirt .
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Overall , I love this Naga Nail 2 Way Nail Art Pen but the problem I have is the color of it . I got this in Silver Glitter and I have problem to draw a dot using the dotting tool because when you try to dot it , all you can see it only transparent nail polish dot . But it works fine when you draw with  the striping side . I'm totally in love with the silver glitter because it was super shiny , although you can't really draw dot with it but by drawing a few strips on your nails with it , your nails really shine like a diamond . 

A nail art pen is something that I always wanted to try but I never have a chance , and this time i finally have it and all thanks to HiShop =)
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Maybe you guys don't know about this that HiShop gives out 3 samples to any purchases . So if you guys would like to buy some new beauty products and would like to try something new too , do check out HiShop kay ?

And before I end this post I would like to give out RM 20 HiShop cash voucher discount code and 8% MilkADeal discount code that you can use when want to purchase at HiShop or MilkADeal from today till 31st May 2013 .

HiShop Discount Code : HS0513
MilkADeal Discount Code : MAD0513

How to use the discount code is just easy , go to HiShop or MilkADeal website and enter the discount code when you want to check out with your item . 
And of course to use the discount codes there are some term & conditions are applied . 

So yeah , I think that's all for now and if you are wondering where I have been these few days , I'm actually taking lots of rest at home to treat my serious sinus problem that I have since I was a kid . And it has been worse lately and I'm back to my hometown for semester break and it's just perfect timing for me to fix this . 
I've been feeling a lot better and you guys better be ready for more cause more updates to come . 



  1. Congrats! Seems fun to be an ambassador :)

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  3. Woooo... ambassador! Congrats girl! Jelly looking at all the awesome products!


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