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I came across on etailpr blog today and I saw they were having this blogger competition that we can actually stand a chance to win £200 to spend at Chi Chi! . When I saw this , I was more than excited . Seriously telling , I love checking out websites and making a big wishlist that I would love to buy when I have some cash . 

So back to the topic , the competition was asking us to make a wish list that can include as many items as we like . I would really love to have everything at their store and put it as my wishlist but then I think If I really do that I might seem like too desperate or greedy =X 
 Then I decided to choose seven dresses among all the amazing dresses in Chi Chi that I would actually  wear for a week that full with events . 

If I have a ballroom event to attend on Monday , I'll wear a  Strapless Evening Dress here . I'm sure that my Monday Blues will be no more if I get to wear this evening dress .  For a beach event , I choose to wear this Pink & Grey Pastel Print Chiffon Maxi dress here because I love how the sea breezes blows over my long maxi dress .  For Party Wednesday , I've chosen this Black Sequin Cocktail Dress here that will confirm be the spotlight of the party , I just love attention . To attend your friend Birthday party or your own Birthday party  on Thurday , this Embroidered And Diamante Cocktail Dress here , is just perfect . It's Friday and you are going down to the club , this Multi Colored Sequin Party Dress here will get you all the attention that you want in the club cause you'll be shining . I've chosen this Gold Cut Out Bandage Dress here that will be the perfect dress for you to hang out with your BFF on Saturday . Such a hectic week and finally is Sunday and you have a date with your boyfriend , this Cap Sleeve Lace Top Skater Dress here , is the perfect dress for you to end this hectic week and you'll get to be yourself to a nice date with your boyfriend . Thats my perfect week ! 

So yup , that's pretty much is my wishlist from Chi Chi and I really hope I can win the  £200 credit to shop in their website . 
You guys can check out Chi Chi website here : http://bit.ly/ZQGeDd and the competition here at etailpr blog .
Wish me luck and wish you guys that enter this competition , all the best .



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