Tutorial // Read Magazine Scans on your Iphone

Recently I've been reading Magazine Scans on my iPhone , especially Japanese Fashion Magazine . My current favorites are Nylon , ViVi and Zipper . Sadly , some of these magazines are not available in Malaysia so the only way for me to read em are downloading the magazine scans .

This is actually a very simple tutorial and I'm actually not sure whether I should share it with you guys and but then I think what the heck maybe this might be useful for some of you . So yeah , this is how i do it .

So first , I actually download all the free magazine scans from JMagazine Scans .

After you've finished downloading the magazine scans that you want in the RAR format . Go to the file location and extract the file . 

Then put all your magazine folders in one big folder . Go to your iTunes and sync that folder that contains all your magazine scans . 

All the magazine scans will appear in your photo library and you can read em from there like you looking through your pictures . And yup , thats pretty much how i do it . I'm not really sure how you can read the magazine scans from Android but this is how you do it on your iPhone and iPad . 

Leave me a comment down below and tell me whether this tutorial helps or not and what is your current favorite magazine k ? 

Thanks for reading , stay tuned for my next post . 



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