DIY Inspirations

I really feel like blogging today although I don't have time to blog , lol  . 
My finals are near and when the exam is near , everything seems so fun even shitting is like extremely fun =.
By the way , I've put a poll in the sidebar if you notice . It is a poll about what you guys would like to see more on my blog and most of you ( currently only 3 people have done the poll thingy , epic fail =. = ) and you guys actually voted that you guys want more DIY post , yay

I already planned my upcoming DIY post and now the only things I lack is the materials . So I'm gonna shop later after my finals are over . So please stay tuned for my DIY posts next month kay ? 
For now , all I can post is all the inspiration photo I got from Tumblr
PS : These are actually spoilers , oops =X 

That's all for now , follow my Tumblr here if you want  to see my daily inspiration pictures . 



your comment made my day =)