5 Cheap Tips and Tricks !

I just realized that i've really into do-it-yourself stuff since I started college and living alone without my family . I've always searched for inspiration and all the DIY tricks from google and everywhere . So I'm gonna show you guys 5 cheap tips and tricks that have changed my life ever since I've discovered them =)

1 . Paint using Nail Polish 

I started using nail polish as paint is when I decided to make my own eyeball ring here . That time I have no acrylic paints to paint it after I finish the mold and everything and I didn't want to buy acrylic paints cause i know I won't use it anymore after this project so I just simply go over my drawer and I just took my nail polish paint over the mold that i've done for the eyeball ring . After this happened , I just find myself constantly using nail polishes painting everything from broken pendant to restore shine in my jewelry .

2. Thin Your Nail Polish Using Nail Polish Remover 

I'm a hoarder when comes to nail polishes . I still keep nail polishes that i got since year 2010 and I still  use them and paint my nails once awhile . It still can be used , it's just that the consistency is a bit thick . To improve the consistency , i'll just pour in some nail polish remover into the nail polish then shake it well . You can get those nail polish thinner at Daiso , but this will do the job as well for me . 

3. Remove Lipstick using Toothpaste 

If you ever come and visit my room toilet , you'll find two toothbrushes . One toothbrush is to brush my teeth and the other one I use to scrub my lips or to remove the lipstick color on my lips . I normally just use toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush my lips to remove all the color pigments after I wore lipstick . I don't use lip makeup remover is because I was super stupid . I'll always end up tasting my makeup remover in my mouth and it tastes awful , yuck ! So I rarely use lip makeup remover .

4. Mascara as Eyeliner 

I've been running out of eyeliner for months now and I have no chance to get myself restock . So whenever I'm going out for shopping with friends or attending events , I'll just pull out my mascara and an old gel eyeliner brush to use it as my eyeliner . This method is actually a bit tricky cause if you apply a too thick coat or line , it tends to smudge easily and it takes a long time for it to dry . It will ended up very messy so this do need some skills and a correct brush to apply the mascara as your eyeliner . 

5. Turn you Bobbi Pin Upside Down and Downside Up

The correct way to use your bobbi pin is use it by facing down the wavy side . This help to hold your hair better than the flat side of the bobbi pin . (WTF fact) .When i found out that i actually use it wrongly for all those year , i really feel like im the stupidest people on earth , how can i never know ? * facepalm * 

all the images above are taken from google.com

Comment down below if any of these 5 cheap tips and tricks has change your life like it have change mine , haha =) 



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    1. dont say like that , now u make me feel bad >.<

  2. Thanks for the tips! I use the bobby pins the wrong way too! D:

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    1. i guess most of the poeple including me use the wrong way too =)

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  5. Omg I'm such an idiot, that's why my pins always end up falling out of my hair! Thanks for the great tips, plus that tooth paste looks interesting. :)

  6. oh! The bobby pins! I feel like an idiot now. :p


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