Review // TOPSHOP Lipstick

I'll be reviewing these TOPSHOP lipsticks today . I really have to say that I really like the packaging of the TOPSHOP cosmetics line where it look so chic , simple and nice . But one thing about the packaging of these I don't like it that the paint can actually be scraped off , as you can see from the picture above . It's not that I purposely scrape the paint off , it came off itself when i store them in my back or in my makeup storage drawer . 
The two lipstick colors that i owned is " Desert " and " Hazard " . I first bought the color Desert is because at that time I was really into Scene style and I always put concealer on my lips till it crack terribly , then my mother ended up buying me this color for me . Then recently I was really into red lips and I requested " Hazard " lipstick from my mother as my Christmas present . 

The color Hazard have a very vibrant dark red color and the colour can clearly shown on my lips after only 1 coat . It looks abit matte and but it is very moisturizing . While the color Desert , I feel that the color is not so pigmented but it feels a lilttle bit cakey when you apply on the lips . I feel that this colour is more moisturizing compare to the colour Hazard , maybe they have different formulae for this .

I was a little disappointed on the color Desert , because I feel that my lip concealer from Heavy Rotation would do the job better . As you can see from the picture above , it is not so pigmented and the color appears to stuck between the line on my lip . But I'm absolutely in love with my Hazard color lipstick =)
Another thing I like about TOPSHOP lipstick is that the smell of the lipstick . They have a very nice fragrance smell that smell so feminely and whenever I opened them the smell will just rush into my nose before I apply them on my lips .
I would really like to buy more of the TOPSHOP lipstick in the future hopefully I'll have the whole collection of the lipstick , ha-ha =)



  1. I think the hazard look better on your lips too :)

  2. Great review, thanks for sharing :)
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  3. i like it!
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  4. I like both! followed you back, sweetie - GFC and Bloglovin'

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  5. thanks for this review! I was actually wondering if I should order some just earlier today!

  6. Those are great colors on you, I especially like the red. :)

    lots of love, Dana Carmella ♔
    Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

  7. The Hazard lipstick look stunning with your skin tone. I've never tried out topshop lipsticks before but you've convinced me to do so now :)



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