DIY // Temporary Tattoo

I recently been all over about this magic henna thing where you can use it to draw some temporary tattoo's on you body . The directions of using this is very very easy , where you just need to use this to draw your desire design anywhere you body then you shall just wait for it to dried and wash it off . After you draw this on you body , it can last about 2 days to a week depends on the intensity of you drawings / design . You see , this is supposingly used to draw like those flowers traditionally on your hand till arm but instead of drawing it like the usual want i used this to draw all the kind of design of tattoo that i wish to have .  
this is what i drew on my left hand 
 and this is what i drew on my right hand

this is how i do it my way , i found some nice pic of a tattoo . I copy it and drew it on my hand using henna . i know this dont really looks nice enough but i'm still trying =X 




  1. oooo I need to try this!!! I've wanted a tattoo forever and just use pen to see what it'll look like but then it smudges :(



your comment made my day =)