DIY // Tawny Owl Leg Brace From Fox and Owl

Last week I saw this rock baby on Ashley Joncas Blog and I just fall in love with em straight away . I just tell myself that I must have one and I found them from Fox and Owl . Sadly the shipping fees are pretty expensive for it to ships to Malaysia , then I just decided to make my own one .
Okay for the materials , this is what you need

First you need to use the elastic and wrap around your thigh and estimate where and how long it will me when you wear it up .Cut the length that you wanted and use the elastic and measure it at the top of your knee . Cut it and lay it down parallel and cut another strap of elastic that combine both of the hoops like picture below . You can temporary secure everything using stapler before you sew them together .  
After you sew everything together it will look like a alphabet I . Then the tricky part comes , you need to wear your elastic that you have sew earlier and take your elastic again and this time measure the desire length at the bottom part of your knee and decide the length of the elastic by estimate it by combining it to your half done leg brace that you've sewn . You can temporary secure it with stapler again before you sew them together . 

After everything is sew together , now left the last part which is to pin some studs on them . I use my remaining elastic to estimate the width i want between each stud , so it will be about 1 inch between every studs . 

After put studs on them , now you have it your own Tawny Owl Leg Brace just like the one from Fox and Owl . 

This will be how it looks like when you wear em on .

 I only use 1 hour plus for me to finish this DIY project and it turn out great . You guys should totally check out Fox and Owl shop on Etsy cause they are AWESOME ! If you guys really cant afford to buy their leg brace then maybe you guys can just try to make it yourself just like i did . 

If you guys have made yourself one using my tutorial , please leave a comment down below that will link to your blog or picture cause i really love to see them . 

❤ from  SeeReeNa



  1. What method of sewing did you use for this Diy? :D
    Ty <3

    1. I see , ty ^^
      Oh btw, for the last piece, how exactly did you make it? that part is still kinda confusing for me, Hahah :x

    2. haha , the last piece . The tricky part .
      I actually wear on the leg braces first then , i bring around the elastic below my knee and connect them to the pieces that on top of my knee which is the bottom part of the I . Then temporary secure it by stapling them together . Remove it from you leg and cut the length that you have measured at the bottom part of your knee earlier . Just hand sewed them on , Tada .

      I know its a bit hard to digest when reading the instructions but when you start making it yourself you will somehow figure out the way =)

    3. Ahh thankyou so much again <3
      It never crossed my mind that this leg braces are actually make-able until I saw your lovely Instagram! ^^
      Thank you for this inspiration!
      As for the last bit part and Oh so confusing part(Haha), I finally found a way(Hurayy)although it's folding in a tad bit odd way :p But Yay!

    4. you're welcome . Do leave me a link or tag me when you make your own leg brace . I would really love to see it <3

  2. This is a really creative idea! :)
    Pyramid studs are so versatile, I use them on pretty much anything, haha ~

    Cherry Jade

  3. nice idea *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  4. This is so stunning - lovely idea!

    Have a wonderful week,

  5. Thanks to this post I got inspired to make my own brace!
    You're amazing, Seereena ♥

    1. Thank you Stephanie , You did a really great job on making your own leg braces . I think you did a better job than me =)
      You're Awesome =)

    2. Haha no you're being modest. We'll settle on the fact that we both did a great job and you're amazing for thinking of this alternative! <3

  6. May I know where did u get those pyramid studs? :)

  7. Very cool thank you for sharing :-)

  8. Hi! Thank you so much for the DIY instructions. It looks simpler than I thought!! I have always wondered if I could make my own because I saw many indie Etsy crafters making it, and I could not afford to buy any lol, but I couldn't find good instructions until I came across your blog :) Thank you! And you are so pretty :)


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