My Dental Care Routine

Just to clarify things that this is not a sponsored post . I just want to share my experience of how to make your gums and teeth healthy when they are really bad . You've read my previous post about my perfect teeth and all , I'm not bragging or anything is just for me to achieve how my teeth looks like now it takes me a very long process and I learn it in a hard way .
Actually a week before the actual day i did tooth filling for my half broken tooth , I had made an appointment to visit my dentist and filled the tooth . Before my dentist can even with anything , he cleans my teeth first and what happen is my gums started to bleed really really badly . The worst part , the bleeding can't be stopped and that's the reason I can't do tooth filling that day and i need to make another appointment the next week . 
You know , before my dentist tell me anything I always thought that gums bleeding are perfectly normal and that's why I didn't bother to do anything about it until my dentist sounded me and say I seriously need to start taking care of my gums and start flossing the worse case scenario is my tooth implants will eventually become loose in the end . 
That's when I started to realize and I totally pay more attention to my gums and teeth . Since my gums are weak , I got myself the Colgate Plax mouthwash above to remove the plaques on my teeth and it tends to make my gums 64% healthier , at least that is what they wrote on the bottle . At that night , I added gargling with mouthwash and flossing to my normal dental care routine . Amazingly , on the third day i can feel that my gums are way healthier and everything just looks better and of course after a week my teeth are no more bleeding and i did get my broken tooth filled . 

So my dental care routine will be brushing my teeth , gargling with Colgate mouthwase , scrub my tongue and flossing =) 



  1. I always forget to floss! Haha. Nice to see someone being 'routine' about it in the beauty community :)

    Lela -

    1. Sometimes I tend I forget to floss too , haha :)

  2. I have a bad habit of forgetting to brush my teeth at night
    haha XD
    hope this post will motivate me in the future


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your comment made my day =)