instagram post #3

my new iphone4 cover // my ootd on the first day of chinese new year // my make-up // one of the dishes that my mom cooked the night I'm back home // nail piercing // roller skating with friends // the kitten that's been living at my hostel common area for weeks // my make-up look with black lipstick // chocolate ice-cream brownies 

My dad bought me a new iPhone case from china and I'm in love with it =3 . That's how I look today which is the first day of Chinese new year , a lot of my uncles and aunties say that i look like an adult now , maybe it's just my red lipstick . I tried out a nail piercing , it's practically the only piercing that I dare to try cause its not painful , haha . What do you say about nail piercing , yay or nay ? 
Me and my friends went to roller skate few days before Chinese new year and I fell down on my ass pretty bad , it still hurts a little right now , ouch ! 
i found this small little kitten climbing on the gate while I opened the curtain the other day , it is so damn cute , right ? i've been thinking of getting a black lipstick what do you say ? 

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and Happy Chinese New Year to anyone that celebrate it like i do



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  2. this looks like a great week :)
    i absolutely love your style and black lipstick really suits you. You definitely rocked it! :D
    btw keep up the amazing work with your blog, dear. it's fab!

    xx Rebekah

  3. cute photos! and I love that kitten! soo cute!

  4. Killer body :)

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  5. Great Blog!

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