Weekend Escape // Legoland Malaysia , Johor

 Visited Legoland Malaysia on last christmas eve , the place was super duper crowded with people on that day . i've heard that some people say , the number of people was there on christmas eve day is actually more that the number of people actually went there during the opening . People actually queued  for hours for tickets to enter , try to imagine the queuing line is from the counter till the front entrance ( not the Legoland entrance but the front building entrance ) . It was insanely long ! Luckily while we were queuing up , a guy approaches us and sell us tickets and we get to skip the queuing part . 
Overall , Legoland for me was pretty boring cause the games inside are more targeted on children around age 7 to 12 , and obviously i'm too old for those games . But i'm pretty amazed to those statues that actually build with real small lego , it's just stunning to just look at it . 

i'm trying to blog as much as i can while i'm on holiday  =) 
so sorry for  blogging two post in a day . 



  1. How much is the entrance fee ?? Really feel like wan to go .. But it is still so crowded. Perhaps when the crowd reduces I will go. Btw, nice new layout!

  2. the ticket price is about RM 120 for adult . It wont be very crowded if you go on normal days . Thanks btw =)

  3. The price was not bad as what I expected. Need to plan some escapes for my sem break.


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