Padang Besar , Thailand

Yeah , finally i'm going to blog about my trip to Padang Besar , Thailand .
So that day my dad pick me up in Kampar and bring me to Padang Besar Thailand . Padang Besar is the border town in Perlis that separate between Thailand and Malaysia . Padang Besar is really a small town and there is nothing much about this small town so this time we only stay for a night there and left the next day . 
 When we go over to the custom , there are people who actually help you to fill in the form and of course they didn't do it for free , if i didn't mistaken they charge RM 1 per person .
This is the hotel that i'm staying and this is the biggest hotel you can find in Padang Besar . The room rate there is really cheap , and if i wasn't mistaken it was only RM50 a night .
That is how our room and toilet looks like . I can honestly tell you guys that the room are pretty dirty , we even found like cockroaches at night . It was horrible . That's why is so cheap kay ? Beside this hotel , there is actually other smaller hotel or motel at the center of the town . The room there was even cheaper than this , the hotel at the center of the town only cost for RM30 to RM40 per night . 
the view from our room 
You know , they actually have Tesco there as well and randomly i found a pink colored shell preserved egg =)
i wonder how it is taste like ? taste strawberry ?
 if you read my previous haul post , you'll know that i done most of my shopping in Thailand at 7-11
We bought this orange drink over the road side and it tastes like plum juice , it tastes salty XP
 When we  walk along the street , we say this stall like selling " lok lok " , but it is not really like lok lok cause they actually add " tong hoon " and it tastes a bit like som tam . I have really no idea what is this called but it tastes awesome ! You can actually choose what you want and then they will add this sauce that is freaking spicy .
It is the best food to eat when the weather is killing hot ! It is so hot , It makes you sweat and it is so hot that you'll stuck your tongue like a dog =X
This is like a smaller version of apam balik , and there is actually spiced coconut on top which is the one that is orange in color in the picture on top of the white stuff . Hmm , this really tastes weird for me cause its super sweet and spicy at the same time . This is actually really really sweets till it dries up my troat but this is definitely something really different to try .
 We have our dinner over a small Chinese restaurant opposite the pork ball stall . I forgot to take a picture of the shop =X It is actually recommended by the locals , we ate chicken rice there and it's totally different than any chicken rice that you can find in Malaysia . The chicken rice actually looks simple and taste pretty simple but the taste is really different and I don't know how to describe , sorry .
You know , after i taste the " teh o limau ais " in Thailand , i feel like Malaysia mamak one is totally hopeless . The teh o limau ais there is full with the tea and the lime aroma . Its really heaven !
After dinner while we on the way back to our hotel room , we pass by this stall that selling yogurt parfait its just too cute that we must have a try . They actually have like two whole strawberry inside the yogurt and they top it with corn flakes , and this is their signature combination , you can actually choose whatever they have on the table .
And then we end that night with this yogurt parfait .  . 
The next morning , we had noodles and some pork leg rice before we left Thailand . 
 We also bought some " goreng pisang " to eat while we pack our bags . Their goreng pisang are covered with flour that contain sesame and some spiced . This tastes a bit like muruku XP
After we packed our bags , we ask the receptionist to help us call a cab to send us to go over the custom and go back to Malaysia again =)
 After we left Thailand , we went to Padang Besar market where most of the product they selling in the market are imported from Thailand .

Oh , i forgot to mention , you can actually go to Hatyai , Bangkok and the other big town from Padang Besar . There actually have like a taxi service to send you there and its is going to take few hours to reach the big city but once a while is pretty fun to explore the small town before you explore the big town , cause by exploring the small town without realizing you are learning their culture there .



  1. Is there any other hotel nearby other than Padang central?

  2. Dear Ryokosee,
    How about shopping...( lots) it better than what we have in Padang Besar Malaysia side?...

    1. i would say whatever you can get from thailand side of padang besar , you can also get it from the malaysia side =)


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