Weekend Escape // Hoong Tho Restaurant , Ipoh

Hey all , its been a long time since my last food /travel post . Today I'll be bringing you guys to my new favorite restaurant in Ipoh , Hoong Tho Restaurant . This restaurant has running their food business since a decade ago , woah ! 

As you can see from the photo above , some local celebrities was here before =)

There was a old black and white picture of Hoong Tho Restaurant on the wall in the center of the restaurant . I love that picture =)

We ordered the famous " Hong Tu " Noodle and " Ying Yang " noodle from the house . There are delicious . 
Before we went to this restaurant , we went to have coffee at the Nam Heong Coffee Shop , just few shop beside it . So we cant really eat mush that day , but I heard that their friend dumplings and " Fresh Prawn " Noodle are AWESOME ! I'm so gonna try that next time . 

For dessert , we ordered " Tan Tan " or we call it Caramel Pudding in english . I'm totally falling in love with the first bite . OMG , like seriously I really like it a lot . Normally , i'm not that kind of person who love pudding cause i hate the heavy milk and egg smells , but this pudding doesnt taste like the normal pudding at at all , it was soft and fluffy , wyeeeeee <3 Please try it out when you guys visit this restaurant kay ?

This is the end of the post . Hope you guys like it =)

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