Haul #2

Cathy Doll Magic Cream \\  Utip Lip and Cheek Stain \\  Maybeline Baby Lips Colour (Pink Lolita) \\  Herbal Toothpaste in Original Taste and Plus Salt

 * Sweets and Junk Foods *

Asam Jawa

Hey there , I just came back from Padang Besar , Thailand and these are some of the stuff i bought . All the sweets in the picture above are actually what i bought for my friends , i dont really know what to get for them in Thailand , so i decided i bought back some sweets since they are so cheap , all the sweets you see are about 10 baht to 15 baht ( about RM 1 to RM 1.50 ) .

I also bought a whitening cream and lip stain because of the cute packaging and they are pretty cheap too . The Cathy Doll Magic Cream is about 99 baht ( RM 9.90 ) and the Utip Lip&Cheek stain is about 45 baht ( RM 4.50 ) . I bought myself a new Maybeline Baby Lips lip balm there because i love the one them and they are cheap too , they only cost about 78 baht ( RM 7.80 ) there . Since my dad introduce me to the Herbal Toothpaste , product from thailand , I stop using Colgate toothpaste long time ago btw they only cost about 49 baht  ( Rm 4.90) for one , Love em .

Oh ya , i've been craving to eat Asam Jawa for the longest time so i pick up some too while i'm on the way back to Kampar at the Pasar Padang Besar , Malaysia  =)

I will be posting about my Padang Besar , Thailand trip a.s.a.p when i lay my hand on my dad's camera . I forgot that i brought along my camera during the vacation so I ended up taking all the picture's using my dad's camera . 



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